APM International


Services Digital Publishing

Industries Pharmaceutical,Healthcare,Public Sector

Nature of business

APM specialise in the provision of real time news on French and International healthcare markets. It was conceived in 1989 to provide broader and deeper coverage of the French healthcare system. Since then it has developed into a benchmark reference for all stakeholders in France, with the addition in 2005 of bureaus in London, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid and Milan.

What sets them apart?

APM distils the variances in public health policy and HTA practices, providing the local expertise that enables clients to think globally.

As well as a customisable live feed that is widely acknowledged to set the daily news agenda for healthcare in Europe, they offer searchable archives of over 300,000 articles. In France their coverage includes: healthcare infrastructure; public policy, reports and appointments; hospitals and nursing homes; the pharmaceutical industry, including the life cycle of drugs and major clinical trials. Across Europe they focus on market access, pricing and reimbursement, cost effectiveness and regulatory issues that impact all stakeholders.

APM International is the French and European leader for Healthcare related information. It offers to the sector’s stakeholders a comprehensive, real time and independent business intelligence solution with unparalleled insights.

Olivier Andre

Managing director




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