Our Strategy

Sustainable business growth at Wilmington is driven by our three integrated strategic objectives:

  1. Organic growth and GRC market expansion

  2. Investment in our business

  3. Active portfolio management

We progress our strategy by drawing on our core competencies to embed a set of unique characteristics into all of our brands.

These characteristics define our competitive advantage, allowing us to offer a complementary range of solutions to help our customers navigate the complexity of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

We focus on investing in operational excellence to accelerate our growth ambitions by achieving the best-in-class approach to managing technology and data, sales and marketing, people, and product development.



Image of Wilmington Characteristics pie chart


Wilmington characteristics: what makes us unique

Digital capabilities

As a fully digital enterprise, we demonstrate best in class digital capabilities including:

  • Delivery platform agnostic
  • Multi-device enabled
  • Excellence in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) solutions
  • Digital front and back office
Data enabled

Our businesses are data enabled, allowing them to provide unique insight and innovative solutions to their customers, driven by:

  • Unique methods of data collection, measurement, integration, and analysis, supported by dynamic user interfaces
  • Proprietary data and bespoke services
Differentiated offering

Our businesses occupy strong positions in the markets they serve, exhibited via the following credentials:

  • Market leaders – within the top three Unique products with owned IP
  • Strong brands valued highly by customers
Attractive markets

The markets in which we operate present opportunities for sustained growth:

  • Macro fit with Wilmington’s core markets
  • Micro fit with a growing end-user base in which our solutions are integrated into customer systems
Strong product and revenue model

Our product and revenue model drives value by targeting the following actions:

  • Identifying attractive economics
  • Prioritising repeatable revenue streams
  • Leveraging success across the portfolio to maximise the benefit of synergistic potential
Strong leadership

Our businesses are led by individuals who are best placed to accelerate their growth, evidenced by their core competencies:

  • Experts in their field, aligning sector specific knowledge to product development and delivery
  • Innovators seeking to embrace change to deliver bespoke customer solutions

Operational Excellence

Ambition Statements