Our core purpose

We exist to help our customers to do the right business in the right way. 

We do this by acting as their trusted partner in navigating the complexity of the Regulatory Compliance landscape.

We provide high quality Intelligence with a complementary range of Training & Education solutions.

Our customer-led product management culture, and our cross-industry expertise allow us to deliver solutions that are high value, up to date, and responsive to change.

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Our people

At the heart of our business are our people, whose creativity, adaptability and dedication is critical to our success.

Our teams of experienced industry practitioners and talented subject matter experts play a crucial role in helping our customers to overcome their own business challenges.

We celebrate diversity in our business because we know that it drives us forward as we benefit from the range of talent across our teams. There are lots of opportunities for talented individuals to join us, and as we work with them to move forwards we are committed to embedding a responsible business culture across our organisation.