Find out more about the work we do to progress each area of our sustainability strategy.

Cultural positivity

We are committed to promoting a positive culture that creates equal opportunities and nurtures talent in a safe and mindful environment. Our commitment to making WiIlmington a great place to work for all is focussed on three key areas:

Our vision

“We are a company with rich diversity, experiences, knowledge, and perspectives which powers our innovation and creativity to help our customers to do the right business in the right way”

Our ambition

  • Workforce: We have a diverse workforce and we attract, develop and retain the best people
  • Workplace: Our people feel they belong and we learn from each other and innovate together
  • Marketplace: We have an instinctive understanding of our customers and we deliver what they want
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Our dedicated Diversity and Inclusion working group, led by our Head of Diversity & Inclusion, works across our whole portfolio to ensure Wilmington celebrates and values diversity at every level in every team.

Our Ambition

  • To achieve the full potential of our people by supporting strong health and wellbeing
  • To ensure our people are supported to drive the innovation, creativity and dedication that fuels sustainable business growth

Our Work

  • Our global employee assistance programme provides 24/7 support to all our employees and their family
  • We are committed to promoting good mental health, and we train Mental Health First Aiders to support every part of our business
  • We have a dedicated programme of wellbeing activities to mirror the needs of our workforce throughout the year

Our Ambition

To echo the ambition of our training businesses within our own workforce, by looking for new and engaging ways to develop individuals and teams

Our Work

To provide opportunities for skills development in the following areas:

  • Sales and product academies
  • Apprenticeships
  • Mentorship and coaching programme
  • Key business skills training
  • Leadership training

Customer empowerment

We empower our customers to realise maximum value from our offering by embedding a customer-led approach to product development and delivery.

We focus on three key areas to achieve this:



Produce products that are accessible to all, with a consistent approach to each core product group.

Innovation, flexibility and agility

Innovation, flexibility and agility

Embed a dynamic product management approach that can respond rapidly to change whilst maintaining high quality outputs.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Ensure customers directly inform the new product development agenda, and facilitate strong communication channels for customer feedback.

Proactive assurance

We value transparency and commit to the highest standards of digital protection, regulatory compliance, ethics and production. 

These high standards are reflected in our day-to-day business conduct and our digital-first approach delivering the best in class digital products.

We hold all our teams accountable to maintaining these standards, with annual targets to demonstrate compliance set out in our annual report.

We also ask our business partners to share these values, as set out in our supplier code of conduct.


Environmental responsibility

We are committed to supporting a healthy planet for our people, our partners and our local communities to prosper. 

We want to ensure our business plays an active role in tackling the climate change and biodiversity loss crises.

Our approach to resource management is reflected in our environmental policy.


Carbon reduced organisation logoCarbon neutral organisation logo


Use of materials

As part of our digitalisation programme, we have significantly reduced our reliance on print and packaging. Where we still use printing services, our resource use policy mandates the use of sustainable raw materials and adherence to responsible production.

Disposal of materials and assets

Our IT waste is managed by accredited recycling partners, and any redundant assets are repurposed or recycled.

Our offices provide recycling units for waste, with supporting guidelines to encourage our people to reduce waste and recycle effectively.

Energy use

Our biggest direct impact on the planet come from emissions from our offices, so this is a key area of focus as we switch to renewable energy supplies, and high quality offset programmes for any emissions we cannot yet eliminate.

Product delivery

We are working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our product delivery cycle. This starts with reducing the impact of production in our offices, and extends to our broader operations through travel and resource use policies, before focussing on how our different delivery formats can be achieved with minimal environmental impact.