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Nature of business:

RISE is the premier community for healthcare professionals who aspire to meet the extraordinary challenges posed by the emerging landscape of accountable care and government healthcare reform.

What sets RISE apart?

Recognized industry-wide as the number one source for information on risk adjustment and quality improvement within healthcare, RISE strives to serve the community on four fronts: networking, education, industry intelligence and career development. Through cutting-edge conferences, online courses, in-house training, webinars as well as an association comprised of over 2,500 members, RISE provides professionals with industry insights and critical information they need to stay ahead of the curve.

“RISE provides best-in-class information and networking for thousands of executives on issues for which there is no other similar resource. We delve deeply into the nuances of what our clients require to succeed, and iron out the kinks for them in the most complex areas in their fields. We are truly on the cutting-edge of conferences in our space, and are consistently recognized for our top quality performance.”

Ellen Wofford

Managing Director



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