Services Legal and regulatory texts,news and related content for the pensions industry.

Industries Insurance,Management Consultancies,Financial Services

Nature of business

Pendragon is a specialist information company that publishes Perspective, the highly acclaimed electronic information service of choice for the UK pensions industry. Subscribers include all leading pensions law firms, benefits consultants and consulting actuaries, government departments, trade organisations and regulatory bodies, insurance companies and product providers, pensions administrators, pensions trustees and a number of the major pension funds.

What sets them apart?

Pendragon is a publishing company for the UK pensions industry designed and conceived by the industry. They developed Perspective with the help of key professionals from inside the pensions industry. The wide ranging service, which is updated on a daily basis, includes the full and up-to-date text of all legislation and regulatory texts relevant to the industry, a daily news service, full texts of the relevant judgments of courts and regulators and the text of reports, white papers, consultation papers, Hansard etc. In short, everything needed to advise on pension funds or to run a pension fund or provider.

Providers of pensions, either occupational or private, are subject to enormous amounts of legislation, regulation, guidance, reports, consultations, law reports, Ombudsman’s determinations and much more. In this complex and fast moving world, Pendragon provides the resources that enable providers to have confidence that they have the necessary materials to hand, always up-to-date, accurate and in an easy to use form providing competitive advantage and efficiency.

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