Services Industry Data,Regulatory Alerts,Statistics

Industries Insurance,Management Consultancies,Financial Services

Nature of business

Axco is the leading independent supplier of global insurance market information, relied upon by the world’s foremost insurers, reinsurers, brokers and benefits professionals. Industry leaders turn to Axco for information they can rely on in making strategic decisions in key areas such as market entry, risk management, compliance and multi-national programme construction.

What sets them apart?

Axco works with its clients to create bespoke and generic insurance information tools to manage their information requirements and to assist their workflow processes. Axco products are delivered from state-of-the-art servers to every corner of the globe and the company is committed to continually improving its technical capabilities to enable its products to be updated as frequently as possible.

Axco also provide a unique on-the-spot country research service. Their consultants visit each of the countries covered within this service,meeting face-to-face with industry supervisors, officials and market practitioners, building relationships and creating a unique database of global market information. Axco’s in-house team of research, editorial, statistical and production staff ensure that this specialist information resource is maintained and updated to the highest standards.

Information and data are at the heart of the global insurance industry and the disruptive technologies all around us are bringing revolutionary change to the sector. In this exciting world, Axco's knowledge and networks are proving a key competitive advantage to forward-looking enterprises.

Jolle Wever

Managing Director



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