How we work

Hybrid working at Wilmington plc

At Wilmington plc we have an approach of mutual flexibility to working practice. This means we consider the work that needs to be carried out, the best location and environment to do that work, our people’s personal needs, the individual role and the team. The amount of time that is therefore expected to be spent in an office location varies across our Group. We believe our offices should continue to be an integral part of our work life; it’s a place where we build new and existing relationships, collaborate, spark energy and have fun together.

Our Hybrid Working Framework provides our people with a clear set of guidelines to give them the flexibility to split their time between working in the office when collaborating with others and working remotely, when it is appropriate to do so. 

The Framework centres around a set of key principles relating to the ‘5 C’s’ as a helpful way to think about the activity of work:

  • Connection
  • Colleagues
  • Concentration
  • Comfort
  • Customer

The ultimate focus is to optimise our outcomes and our performance, in a way that is beneficial to all.

Key principles:

A mutually flexible approach

What you give, you get back in return

Relationships built on trust

Our working relationships are built on trust and flexibility during working hours

Meeting managers face to face

At least two 1-2-1 meetings with team members are held in an office each month

Meeting teams face to face

At least two team meetings are held in an office each month

Accommodating customers

Retaining flexibility to accommodate customer needs, both internally and externally